Essay Writing about BEING KIND – A UNIQUE LEVEL


About kindness, there are lots of great sayings right from ancient times. “Kindness has no boundary. And so is the happiness that it begets,” says a new scientific discovery!

Charles Darwin’s observation about survival said that, one must change oneself according to the changing scenario. “Survival of the fittest,” he had called it. But, science, giving a new twist to it, interpreted, saying, “Survival of the nicest!”

A kind person has nothing in the mind to torment him/her. It is a carefree mind-set that such a person’s conscious is as clean as a surgical instrument prior to the operation. Sooner or later, that person’s kindness elevates him/her to high esteem.

Chanakya had nicely and rightly said, “The fragrance of the flower is spread only in the direction the wind. But kindness spreads in all directions.”
Teach the children to be polite. Simple words like, “Excuse me, Thank you, I’m sorry and Please,”
How to fathom kindness? Kindness must be built in from the young age, so that when they have grown up, they will become the most respected and admired people. However, here are some simple ways and means to be kind.

besides, giving way to others, especially, to elders and teachers, picking up an object dropped from the hands of a senior person, pleasure of sharing, not teasing a person of his/her look, care for others and so on. Thus, the area of extending kindness has no known boundary. For teenagers and adolescents, apart from following the examples quoted above, there are many.

Helping an elderly person by carrying his/her luggage in the airport or railway station, offering the seats in buses and trains to physically challenged and senior people, guiding a blind when crossings the road, visiting old age homes, speaking encouragingly with them, donating playthings like carom board, playing cards, books to those who like them, presenting them with walking sticks, etc.

There are some indirect help one can offer for the deserved. While visiting the home or orphanage, if possible, check the bath room, toilet, kitchen and dining room for their cleanliness. See how the inmates are treated by the maids and staffs there. Take some inland letters and envelopes with you and write letters for them. Take your like-minded friends there. It is an indirect help too, so that after some time, they (your friends) would visit and render their helping hands. Benjamin Franklin said, “When you are good to others, you are best to yourself.”

Experts say that when there is a crowd do not rush to help out anyone. Wait for a while to see if anybody comes forward before making your move.

Remember it is said that, “Too humble is half proud.” At the same time, watch out, if you see a man lying unconscious on the road side. He could be a drunkard. He may give you trouble later that you have robbed his money and valuables.