BRAIN DRAIN: Essay Writing Topics


This is yet another thing that requires some amendment, or else India would never emerge as a super power country. But the culprit is the bureaucratic rules in India!

It is said that, “A prophet is not regarded in his own country’’. This does not confine to prophets alone, but to the professionally qualified citizens of one country, opting for a better career in a foreign soil. The early 60s kick-started this concept in India: well educated professionals, migrating to US, UK and many other advanced countries where their growth is limitless.

A scientist working in USA and many other developed countries is given a freehand and considerate encouragement. But in India, it is a different thing! The same scientist, experimenting on a specific subject, cannot get what he wanted in the office. Even to have a scribbling pad, he has to fill his stationery request card, which needs to be authorized by the eagle eyes of his chief, whether he, the scientist who had requested for, was helping himself with the office stationery! So silly it is here.
There are many such face-flinching formalities. Moreover, casteeism and the quota system.
As the very above great saying says, even Genius Ramanujan’s fame sky-rocketed only after the English mathematician, G H Hardy had highlighted his work in the English soil. Had it not been for Hardy, Ramanujan’s value would not have fetched fame to him and to India, as well.
prevalent here also act as a hurdle to an aspiring youth who wishes to serve his motherland. Making any amendment to the existing Red-tapism is sure to topple the ruling government as they rely on the vote banks of many of these deep divisions. It would be like opening the Pandora Box! So, the politicians turn their blind eyes and deaf ears to such self-shackled bureaucratic rules.

It may be recalled how Dr. Khurana was not even given scant importance in India, fed up with the Indian government and went to USA where he was respected. His invention had fetched him fame that he had shared the Nobel Prize for medicine in the year 1968.

 Another great example is Dr. S Chandrasekhar, a Nobel Laureate for physics in 1983. Prior to the Nobel Prize conferred on him, he was invited to the White House by the then US President Richard Nixon to honour him. And in 2011, Venkatraman of India, too shared the Nobel Prize. Italian inventor of wireless radio, Marconi (1874- 1937) was quoted as saying, “America is the hope of the world.”

Likewise, the list could go on at arm’s length. Due respect, motivation, encouragement, attractive salary and perks, no political interference, bright future prospectus, excellent medical assistance to the individual and his/her family members, living quarters with all amenities, car with a driver, at least year-bound promotion and all other facilities must be given to the deserved, so that such persons would not go abroad and, instead, serve the motherland and take the nation to greater heights. Will the Indian government do this? The chances are rather remote!

McNamara had said: “Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.” True, isn’t it?