Students of +1 and 2 have already planned their further education in a particular field and selected the groups accordingly. But that is only tentative planning. Here comes the most of it.

Further to the tentative planning, it requires certain aspects like understanding one’s own interest, potential, skill, determination, will-power and fighting spirit to accept the challenges and so on. It is better to realize what hidden talent one has, so that it can be unearthed for a better performance.

Even after obtaining a degree, many feel insecure and fear for their future. To them, it is necessary to jot down the areas they think they are sound, or can polish their talents. This is chiefly due to lack of training, or counseling, or guidance.

Before attending an interview in a company, the candidate must know the background of the company, their product, turn over, market scope, their customer, whether the company would last longer, or take a nose dive after some years and many such things. Nowadays such queries from candidates are answered by the employer.

But before that, have a clear view of your own potential. It is said that, “We begun is half done!” Identify where you require some coaching, or counseling, or knowledge. Concentrate how to overcome those setbacks. Read relevant books, look for the newspapers in the Today’s Engagement column where classes like, Seminar or workshop conducted. Attend them.

Have confidence that you can achieve it – be it anything. Lack of courage is to be curbed out. Select some good friends and seek their advice. Similarly, consult the elders, too, about your doubts. Their rich experience will peel off the layer of doubts and remove the mental block. The simple way to extract the best from a person is to approach with a request saying that, “I want your advice please, or can you please guide me?”

This request will work magic! And the people approached are sure to feel happy about you and offer all the help they can.

Read more and know more as nothing else work better than these two avenues. If you are a medico, subscribe for some foreign medical journals which will give you an idea about the latest trend in medicine. This way, one can edge ahead of others.

Every news paper in English runs a special report about medicine, science, engineering and technology on a particular day in a week. Read them. Know the latest development and the trend. Thus keep yourself abreast of the situation. Visit book fairs where you can get varieties of books on discount price.

Many leading English dailies, like “The Hindu,” and  “The Times of India” publish special column on  career guidance and better career planning from experts together with their “Opportunities” and “Ascent” special supplement on every Wednesday.’ It is sure to help one, including MBA aspirants, to brush up their talents.

Learning is limitless. And so is growth Henry Beecher had said, “The ability to convert ideas into things is the secret of outward success.”