Essay Writing Topics on BEGONE ALCOHOL


Much has been said about the hazard of alcohol. But it is seldom heeded to. More than anything else, it is the govt-run liquor shops that earn very good revenue!

How hazardous alcohol can be? It affects one’s health, dents character, image, and self-respect, invites trouble, and also provokes one to the extent of committing a serious crime, like murder!

To emphasize the banning of alcohol, here is an amusing piece. Once God Almighty appeared before a very good, decent and kind-hearted man and placed before him three things: a bottle full of liquor, a pretty maiden and a child. After this, the God told him, “Look, all along you have been good. Perhaps it might have bored you.

“So, step on to the other side of life and see how it is. I will allow you to commit just one sin. You can drink that bottle of liquor, or seduce that beautiful girl, or if you get the killer instinct, you can strangle the child to death!

“But mind you, I repeat. You will be pardoned for only one sin. So, suit yourself,” so saying the God has disappeared. The man regarded the three. He did not wish to spoil a girl. Nor did he want to kill the innocent child. “Instead of doing these two that might be affecting the other, let me drink the alcohol and suffer myself,” he said to himself. So, he started drinking.

As the time passed, he began feeling high. He took more swigs at the liquor bottle.

By now he was so high that he did not know what he was doing. To his eyes, the girl looked provocative. Under the influence of the drink, he spoiled that girl! While he was at it, the child cried non-stop. It irked him. He, at once, strangled the child to death. By doing so, he had committed all three sins!

After a long time, he became sober and recalled the event. He waited for the God to appear, but He did not. Now he cursed himself for having committed three crimes in a row. Instead of drinking alcohol, he could have committed any other. But the consumption of the liquor had knocked out his conscious mind and forced him to do two more!

Though it is only a story, there can be no better example than this to highlight the deadly reaction of alcohol. The alcohol, according to neurologists, numb the brain from its normal way of functioning and thereby affect the total nervous systems which is certain to wreck havoc in one’s life like simmering memory power, blurring vision, shivering of fingers, paralysis, impotency and so on.

At times, the illicit liquor also claims so many lives mostly in the rural areas. News of “Hooch Tragedy” keeps appearing in papers and TV channels. Every state police has a separate wing to curb out illicit liquor, known as ‘Prohibition Enforcement Wing (PEW).

Lord Russell had said, “Drunkenness is temporary suicide. The happiness that it brings is merely a negative, a momentary cessation of unhappiness.”