The world is full of knowledge. L. Har Dayal said that there is a very big orchard of knowledge in the world having various fruits – deli­cious and beautiful. One has just to pick them up. My ideal teacher is one who picks up these fruits and distributes among his students. He has just to put these luscious fruits on the mental plate of the thirsty girls and boys. The teacher of my fancy would not pass on pieces of stale knowl­edge. He would offer something full of fragrance and taste.

There are some teachers who recommend cheap notes of books available in the market. My ideal teacher would not stoop to this extent. This cheap stuff is beyond his imagination. He would not even dictate notes on the basis of which students would clear their examinations. An ideal teacher has full faith in the intelligence of young girls and boys. He would impress upon them that knowledge is not limited to the examina­tions. He would explain things in details through examples from differ­ent spheres of human life. A transparent stream of fresh water would flow from his lips. Have a dip and be fresh and energetic.

The world is full of hypocrisy. One says ideal things and practice are just the opposite. My ideal teacher would put his own example of simplicity before his pupils. His outer ardappearana and inner self are one and the same. Tuitions are out of his career. He has no aspirations to amass wealth at the cost of his students. His knowledge and simplicity are his real wealth that he showers of his students. He is an ideal of self sacrifice and helping nature.

One cannot be a library by himself. But one can inspire his stu­dents to be voracious reader – consulting books, newspapers and maga­zines in the school library. He keeps his presence there too to guide the students. Through his suggestions he transforms boys and girls into personalities that keep the society rich with immortal culture of the na­tion. He holds a bright candle that shows the clear path of the youngsters through the dark lanes of life. Like a candle he burns and sacrifices him­self to smoothen the path of future nation builders – the young ones.