I do not lead a dark life even today. But the days bygone have own glamour. Let me enjoy the mirror of the past. No I won’t sleep till you tell me six stories-I would stick to my words. The grandma would begin the story of the sparrow that entered a granary through a hole. It took one mouthful of wheat and flew out. Then it came again. What happened after the gravary was empty? I would take years for the sparrow. I would be angry and tell her I won’t sleep till she told me the story of the ‘sleeping beauty’. She would put her hand on my head and start “There was a beautiful princess whose whole palace was changed into gold. The story would continue so was my sleep.

‘It is seven. Tea has been served on the table, and you are still asleep.’ Comes the stern voice of my father. He again asked, ‘Have to him done your home work.’ ‘Why are you so strict to him? He remained awake till eleven to finish his work’, said my mother. ‘Not to finish his work but to enjoy the T. V. serial’ came the harsh voice “ask him, ask him!’ Mama came to me. I was already awake. I got up, took tea and with the help of Mama got my home work done. It was a regular feature.

Lo! My birthday fell on a Sunday. I had enjoyed the birthday parties of many of my friends. Now it was my turn to entertain them. My father and mama both were anxious to see my friend’s whole house was decorated. The drawing room was full of balloons. Staircase was deco­rated with buntings. This went on for the whole day. Mama remained busy with grandma in preparing different dishes for the party. Papa was not in favour of having a birthday cake. Although I too have no taste for cake my insistence was that it has been cut in all the parties given by my friends. So the cake too was brought. The function began with a cry from all, “Happy birthday to you.” the gay party went on till ten in the night when mama served ice cream in cones to all.

My memory slips to a school function. It was the annual function of our school. Parents of all the students were invited. Chairman of the Municipality was the chief guest. I remember I was in Class III. I had stood first in my class with was my mother-cum tutor. Papa too was a helping hand. I was offered a medal and a set of books meant for children. There was load clapping all around. I was very happy.

My memory goes back to a function held on Ram Navmi in our locality. I was just four and was taught how to sing as well as dance. Being very young I was given the part of a girl. The beautiful girl started dancing on the stage. It was a solo of one person only dance. There was continuous clapping by the spectators. But it did not stop when all of a sudden the Sari I was wearing slipped off and the boy in me came out of the dancing girl of the stage. It was more than a fun enjoyed equally by mama, papa and the chief guest. How fanciful were the days of my childhood.