Shyness means timid and hesitation. C. Link interprets, “While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior!”

Of all the known setbacks, it is this shyness that shackles even well educated, knowledgeable boys and girls and confines them within four walls, sitting glued to the TV or staring at the lighted monitor of the PC, or fingering the mobile phones.

But what is taboo in being so? Nothing taboo at all. But this aborts one’s exposure.

They say that travel broadens the mind. Travelling does not mean going too far off places only. It is the experience one can gain when goes out and mixes with people of different tastes which no university in the world ever taught.

Shyness, in other words, is an inferiority complex one had unnecessarily developed. It is lack of courage. If it prevents you, first, find a good friend and go out with him.

With a company you need not feel embarrassed. Meet people, observe how they all behave and speak at different situations and learn.

Psychologists say shy type people are good and trustworthy. Others may like them and be friendly out of pity. This is bad! Never let others sympathize with you. If your shyness acts as a barrier to your growth, it is time you rid of this practice.

Signs of shyness.

According to top psychologists, there are certain signs of shyness. If you are one, analyze where you fit in and amend your ways. I. Not bold enough to maintain eye contact with the one you are talking to. 2. Increasing heartbeat and sweat beads on the back of your neck, 3. Jumping to conclusion that the others are looking at you as if you are a laughing stock, 4. Feeling nervous or uneasy when happen to be in a party or anywhere, 5. Feeling embarrassed when talking with ladies, 6. Hesitating to raise your voice even to call a taxi/auto? 7. Avoiding new friends, 8.Letting your genuine thoughts drift unvoiced? 9. Feeling reluctant to clarify your genuine doubts with your teachers and professors? There are so many other things, too.

Discard your shyness:

There are so many obstacles one may come across in day-to-day affairs. Participate in all functions. Associate with friends and strangers by striking a conversation. Wear a smiling face when meeting people. Confess your shyness to your parents and seek guidance. Yet, if you could not wriggle out your shyness, consult a psychiatrist.

When talking with someone do not glance at your wrist watch. Many great leaders were once had a similar shyness. Read books and gain knowledge. It will work as a catalyst to give you enough courage to meet people and speak well. Participate in all sorts of activities conducted in the school/college, like sports, games, debates, dramas and so on. This will enable one to wear off the stage fear.

About hesitation it is said, “He who hesitates is not only lost, but miles from the next exit.” So, do not hesitate.

Lack of exposure is the root cause to shyness!