Politicians in India call the youths, especially students to join politics. For this purpose, every party in India has a separate youth wing. But who is the beneficiary and who is the ultimate loser?

Politics! It is the most disgusting word in English. But not even one scholar has voiced a good opinion about politics or politicians either!

The reason why politicians want students in politics is, with a vested interest. It is to show their strength, and persuade students to do all dirty work for them. These parties spoil the student community by luring them with money, alcohol and many freebies to which some students get carried away!

Because of the blessings and backing of the politicians, some students consider themselves as invincible and indulge in all sorts of illegal affairs. They resort to eve teasing, rowdyism in the institution campus and at public places like buses, too.

When jailed, the party bigwigs would intervene and get them out. It is just for this cheap influence that the students become a sort of slaves to the party men!

There is nothing wrong in knowing the politics. But as one sees a wild animal behind a cage, it is better to keep away from them and not to fall for their itsy-bitsy talk and become a scapegoat.

My uncle tells me that when he was a school student, the local politicians had agitated against the imposition of Hindi language, luring students too, to agitate as if they (politicians) were doing them and the state a favour. But eventually it was the students who failed to learn a valuable language that nearly confined them to their own state, and there by crippled their growth and career opportunities in central government jobs outside the state. Many of those students, my uncle’s friends, even now struggle hard when they visit northern India.

This way the politicians exploit the students. As if to add salt to the wound, the Telengana stir in Hyderabad, indeed, affect the students of Osmania University. They often take to street protesting for a separate state. Because of this, examinations are postponed and thus the students lose several months of their life time.

It may be recalled that during the Assembly election in 1967, in Tamil Nadu state, the student community had fought against the ruling congress party then, as they fielded a student against the stalwart, Kamaraj, the then CM of that party who lost in the race!

Student community is assumed as a mighty one. But, ‘Might is not right.’ Instead, there are many good things the students can do by visiting the affected people when there is a natural disaster and help them, can’t they?

Movies have also portrayed the role of students in politics. But here again, not a single movie depicted that the student was benefited by joining politics. Crime, murder, vengeance, bloodshed-all these have painted a very bad picture, hinting the students to wipe out politics from their mind.

Benjamin Disraeli said, “There is no gambling like polities.”