One day I went to the computer shop and I bought a new computer game. The box in which was the computer game was, looked very nice and I couldn’t resist to buy it. Next day my parents were leaving to France and I was alone… Ok not exactly alone, the baby-sitter that looked after me when I was little came to our house to look after me for one week. She was young arid she wasn’t a really baby-sitter because she cared more about her hair and nails than about me. Later when it was dark, she went out with her friends.

The next day when I woke up the baby-sitter wasn’t in the house. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to call my par­ents but I thought and realized that if I call them and tell them that there is no one to look after me they would get worried and maybe I will ruin their trip. I tried not to worry but I couldn’t. Then I sat down and I thought for a moment… Noth­ing could happen to me if I don’t open to anybody and if I stay home. After I watched my favorite TV show I went to play the computer game, I bought yesterday. First, I installed the game and then I started playing. It was a simulation game where you are supposed to drive a space ship and safely get back to earth. The first level of the game was very easy. I destroyed all the asteroids that were coming towards me but I couldn’t communicate with the station because a small aster­oid hit right in the back of the ship where the communicable devices were. Now I couldn’t go back to the space station to re-fuel the space ship. On the next level something strange happened. The screen of the monitor started flickering and something white appeared before me. Suddenly I could see myself going about 500 kilometers per minute in some kind of a tunnel. It was a green and blue tunnel where I could smell something like burning plastic and I could hear a sound like grasshoppers singing. Suddenly I was standing in a place with many buttons around me, about 5 monitors and I could see asteroids through the big window in front of me. I was in the space ship. I was very excited but I was very scared also. The asteroids were coming towards me and I didn’t know what to do. There were hundreds of buttons in front of me. Then I saw a joystick! I felt like I was in front of my own computer. I took the joystick and I fired about four times at the asteroid but I missed. The fifth time I hit the asteroid and it broke into many small rocks. I could see a lot of dust also. Then I smelled that something was burning. All the alarms on the ship were activated. On the biggest screen in the ship, I could see the space-ship in 3-D dimension and the right side of the ship was all colored in red. An asteroid has hit the right side of the ship! I couldn’t see where the space station because I got hit by an asteroid on the first level and the monitor on which I had a map was damaged. Now I had to land somewhere, but where?

Suddenly on the right side of me I saw some kind of a planet. First, I thought it was the moon but when I got closer, I could see that the planet was green and blue. On the screen behind me it said – “Welcome to Planet 956-Green-56”

After that screen turned off, on the screen left of me, it said – “Your ship will automatically be landed on spaceport 776168-GOR. Please take your digi-phone with you.”

The alarms turned off when I landed on the spaceport and the left metal door opened but the right one was dam­aged. Small robot that was half the size from me came closer to the space ship and started fixing it. Twelve armed soldiers ran in front of me and pointed their fingers at me. They had three metal buttons on their head. I think they are robots. One of the robots spoke something on English. He asked me what planet I come from. When I answered him, he put his hands down and took me to their commander. On the way to the commander he told me about their planet and he told me that it was year 294 T. X. I knew that T. X. was something like our B. C. or A. D. but I didn’t know what it was exactly. All of us put our hands in a circle and suddenly we were all standing in a room. There was another man there now. I think it was the commander but I wasn’t sure. He knew how to speak English and we introduced each other. The commander was a very nice person. I told the commander about my world and he described this planet. After we got to know each other he took me to their shopping center. We went there by a jeep but here cars didn’t have wheels they were flying closely to the ground. When I saw the shopping center I almost fell uncon­scious. It was giant!!! When we went inside there were thou­sands and thousands of people were shopping. There were tons of foods. This would be enough to feed whole America. They had books but they weren’t made of paper. The books were like small thin screens and it could collect more than 10,000 of pages. They had very strange water that was pink colored. They had all kinds of toys. Every human (if they were humans) had a digi-phone. That is a computer that you use it like a phone. All the people there knew to speak Eng­lish and I think that was their main language. The people were also very nice. They would help you whenever you have a problem or something. The commander told me that every hour on this planet is like a day on planet Earth. Now I had to go back to Earth. The commander was disappointed but be­cause he would never do something bad to a person he took me back to the space ship. On the way to go the commander gave me one of their digi-phones and a book. They also gave me a professional joystick for driving space ships and now it was easier for me to control the space ship.

Now I went back to space and I had to pass level three to go back to the real world after destroying all the asteroids something white appeared again and I went through the green tunnels again. Now I could feel something very cold. Again, the white light showed in front of me and after it was gone, I could see myself in front of the computer. I saved the game and exited it. Now I started writing the English essay that we had for homework about how was I TAKEN OVER BY A COMPUTER GAME.