Essay Writing Topics about TERRORISM


Dictionary says that Terrorism is to create and maintain of a feeling of Terror! That’s all. But not even one dictionary defines what the concept of terrorism is!

This is it: the concept of terrorism is, “Kill one and scare thousand!” And how the terrorist resorts to this barbarian act is also not projected correctly.

The modus operandi is, “planting time bombs in public places to promote panic.” This is the crisp and clear idea of a terrorist. It can be carried out by one, or by a group of men, causing death and destruction in a country they target at.

It is a political crime that prevails in almost all countries now. Terrorists abducting VIP is also a part of it. The idea behind it is, sabotage, or to milk hefty money as a ransom, or to demand the release of their counterpart already arrested and is in fetter now.

Terrorism had already existed way back in 1984 in India when the former P.M. Indira Gandhi was gunned down by one of her own security guards. The terrorists justified this killing by saying that the army, as ordered by the P. M. under the name of “Operation Blue Star,” had trampled upon their faith and religious sentiments.

LTTE in Sri Lanka, headed by their leader Prabakaran, was another militant outfit. The Sri Lankan govt threw a blanket ban on this group, and after years of interminable wars, the leader was silenced. Now there is no such violence anywhere in the island nation!

“No nation is fit to sit in judgment upon any other nation” said Wilson. But how many countries follow this? The war-torn Iraq now bears the brunt of everyday explosion. Innocent people and children get knocked off for no fault of theirs. Of course, there are terrorist groups behind this blast. Most of them belong to the suicide force.

To cite another example, it is worth mentioning the similar bomb blasts frequently occurring in Afghanistan. It is a poor country, lagging behind in scientific development. But how come they, Afghanistan people, including the Taliban’s, learned to use different latest firearms like modern machine guns, rocket launcher and all?  Who taught them how to use these firearms?
However, there is no second opinion that terrorism is inhuman. The worst affected are the innocent public and not the politicians, because wherever they (politicians) go, they are escorted by 3 – Ring of Securities.
Even a teacher known for her brutal treatment to the erring children, can be called as a terrorist! There is no exaggeration in it. By beating one child, she is throwing a scare among the other 30 to 40 children, isn’t she?There are instances that the terrorists had released the hostage without harming them. Some time back the terrorists, who had captured the three Indians working in Iraq as truck drivers, had released them after keeping them all in captivity for a month or so.

But it is the innocent, general public who become most vulnerable to the attack!