Utility has become a very important factor in this age. Everything is seen with this perspective. The long awaited vacations start. Parents and guardians look forward to engaging their wards in some useful activity or the other. It can be learning software in information technol­ogy through computer. It may be training in cooking and drawing. Mu­sic-vocal or instrumental also awaits the ward. Some of these are for career building while others improve one’s chances to have a better mat­rimonial proposal.

But it is rather a great fuss. Are these wards (boys &girls) inter­ested in all these activities? Are they fascinated by any of them? Aren’t they waiting for the vacations to have some fun and frolic. Come Sun­day. All the lanes and by lanes are ago with the young cricketers with bat and ball. They start playing in the street itself. Most of them would go to a nearby lawn to have friendly matches. They spend the whole day in enjoying the games of their choice.

During vacations students can have long picnics arranged by the
school itself. These are group studies of nature’s richness. They can choose either a mountain side or sea shore. People nearer Goa can have a tour of Goa and enjoy the sea beaches rich with coconut trees and greenery. A ten days tour would refresh the students. It will main in the realm of their memory for a long time. A tour to only during the hot vacation would be
a better choice. They can spare ten to fifteen days enjoying the beauty and atmosphere of the hilly tracks.

A long tour to Hardwar, Rishikesh and Lachman Jhula or one to Nainital would be more amazing of course. If one’s pocket allows this is the best option. There is nothing more fascinating than the Himalayan peaks. One may go even to Shimla and nearly areas in Himachal Pradesh.

After enjoying at least 15 to 20 days in these picnic trips students would find it interesting to join a NSS camp in the rural areas to be with the simple village folk. They can give lessons in simple health line and arrange literacy classes for the adults with the help of the educated one’s in the village. It one takes interest in these activities he is enabled. It is a national project. After all illiteracy is to be removed from the country for an all round progress.

After a month or so in these activities one may prepare himself for a jump in his studies too to secure better marks. It would rather be advisable to have fresh mind for that.