On the 7th of November, 2001 CBI arrested the Chief Commis­sioner of Customs and Central Excise (Delhi Zone) for taking a huge amount of bribe from a person who had close contacts with many politi­cians and bureaucrats. Corruption is wide spread in the country. I just wonder how many around me can boast of not being corrupt. But in this case the thing I could not digest was that from 31st October to 6th of November the Commissioner had administered the pledge of integrity and honesty to his officers and staff during the Vigilance Awareness week. Besides being corrupt he is a hypocrite of the first order. I dislike such hypocrites.

I dislike people who are responsible for large scale killings. Hitler killed thousands and thousands of Jews in gas chambers. Who would like him who called Germas the pure Aryans who were destined to rule the world? Alas he didn’t remain alive to see Khomeini; the President of Iran who got killed lakhs of his own countrymen-Muslims-only because they were not Shiya. It was rather State terrorism. I dislike not only these heads of the state but those too who deify Khomeini’s, Stalin’s and their latest versions. One such is Osama Bin Laden, the Saudi Arab billionaire. He declared that he would decimate Americans and Indians as they are against Islam. Their religion and culture is anti Islamic. He is the great­est terrorist of the world who got 7000 people killed within ten minutes through his Al Qaida disciples by dashing aero planes against the two World Trade Centre towers on September 11, 2001. Who would not dis­like such a monster?

I dislike people like Omar who under the grab of jihads play with the lives of all the women and girls in their own country. It is just male chauvinism. But they issue fatwas that no woman would come out of her house without Burqa. No girl can attend any school. All the girl schools were closed by Omar in the Taliban regime. The so called moral police would beat women with canes if they even walk swiftly. I dislike the fundamentalists in Jammu and Kashmir who are following the Taliban’s in suppressing women.

I also dislike people who try to show themselves off. They do not only give dowry which is illegal but would spread it in rooms so that people may see it. An honourable minister of the Central Government who belonged to a past royal family is said to have offered a car to each member of the ‘barat’.

I dislike people who look down upon people who are either poor or belong to the so called lower communities and castes in India. The rich just hate the slum dwellers. But they exploit them too both morally and monetarily. They don’t call it exploitation or brutality but just a help to the poor. The reactions are sometimes horrible. If the so called lower castes unite they will rule the country. The process has already started. BSP is gaining grounds in the North.

I dislike some of my ‘gurus’ (teacher) too. They don’t teach seriously in the school, but engage students at their home, the number, in some cases, goes to hundred or more than. They belong to a noble profession. But the lure of moolah (money) makes them as corrupt as a policeman or a bureaucrat is.

All said, sometimes I dislike myself. Rahim Khankhana has said
that he was in search of a bad man. But he could not find any one worse than himself. Instead of disliking others I should see the virtues of others and vices of my own life.