There was a time when teacher giving tuitions had to lose his school job. But today it has become a point of prestige for the parents to send their sons and daughters for tuitions. Basically it is thought that as the number of students in a class pays personal attention to them. But the situation is a bit different. It is the rich people who send their wards for tuition while they study in good prestigious schools.

One of the reasons as said by a school Principal is that the parents expect too much from their sons and daughters. In this age of cut-throat competition they engage teachers who can prepare them in a way that they secure a position in their class. These teachers get their home work done and help them get the position too. In a way it is an indirect bribe.

Another Principal of a public school in Delhi was of the opinion that actually parents should pay attention to their wards. But they are so busy that they can hardly look after the studies of their wards. This keeps them in tension they feel that it is better to send the wards for tuition than to have tension.

But this nonstop tuition spree tells upon the mental growth of the students. They have no free time at all. Moreover they can’t think them­selves. They have to depend upon the tutor for everything. In the lower classes the children become more attached to the tutor and less to the parents. The child suffers.

In some cases the children are hyperactive. They are sent to tutors to keep them in control. But they do not try to diagnose the problem of the child because they do not spend quality time with them. The child becomes more out of control and the parents have to depend more on the tutors to control him.

The malady of tuitions starts from the time when the child is in
class one. It continues throughout his educational career. Many of the students become just book worms. They fail badly in their career building. Their mental growth is checked. Now it is rather too late to stop this vicious system of education.