When you think about political issues, many things come to mind. Almost, undoubtedly, abortion is one of those things. There is no argument sufficient enough to steer my mind away from anti-abortion. Most people think of the circum­stance of the woman, and what the pregnancy might cause and therefore jump to the conclusion that seems simplest: eliminate the baby; eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, it is rare for a woman to think about the physical consequences of the abortion itself.

First and foremost, a fetus is a baby, a woman usually only even begins to consider that she might be pregnant 31 days after her missed period. Abortions do not usually take place before the baby is seven weeks old. At this point the fetus is a baby. The baby’s heart has already started beating, it’s arms and legs are noticeable as such, and it displays meas­urable brainwaves. This baby is alive, human, and develop­ing.

Abortion is murder. Murder is defined as “the malicious or predetermined killing of one human being by another.” By the end of this essay, I’m sure you will agree that the proce­dures are both malicious, and predetermined. It is illegal to harm an animal, to treat a pet wrongly, yet we have given a mother the right to murder her own child, even without true legitimate cause. Despite any imperfections in the child, it is still a human being, therefore establishing the act as murder. If you take away the loopholes and false justifications, would taking these imperfect babies that possibly may suffer dis­eases or deformities, and killing them because of their infir­mities be much different than Adolf Hitler destroying inno­cent lives because of what he saw in them as imperfections? Approximately eleven million people were killed during the holocaust, six million because of what was seen by one hu­man being as inadequacies. Over 3500 children are aborted every single day. This is about 1,277,500 lives a year. It would take only five years to surpass Hitler’s six million. Since 1973, we have surpassed this almost sevenfold.

If the surprising number of murders that occur in this country a day hasn’t helped you understand the gravity of this topic, the rest of this essay should enlighten you to the ma­levolence of it all. There are many ways to undergo an abor­tion. One of the “normal” ones is the suctions aspiration. In this particular method, a powerful tube and a sharp cutting edge is used to dismember the baby’s body and tear the pla­centa from the wall of the uterus and suck it, blood, baby, and all, into a collection bottle. If the uterus is punctured by the sharp tool, hemorrhaging may occur. If any fetal or placental material is left behind, infection can easily develop. Most abortion methods are similar to this one.

RU486 is a pill that originated in France and blocks the hormone vital to maintaining the lining of the uterus, thus starving the developing baby, this is malicious. The woman also has to take other substances which eject the now dead fetus out of the body. This method can cause severe bleeding, nausea, vomiting, pain, and death.

Another “technique” (as the abortionists call it, as if it were some cruel skill to be learned), is to give an injection of Methotrexate. They have taken something originally used to slow the growing rate of cancer, and are using it to deprive the baby of food, oxygen, and the fluids that any human be­ing would need to survive, and once again, murder the inno­cent. The same substances are inserted into the mother’s va­gina to expel the tiny body out of the uterus. Side effects of methotrexate include nausea, pain, diarrhea, bone marrow depression, severe anemia, liver damage, and methotrexate-induced lung disease.

Dilatation and evacuation includes taking forceps, grasp­ing parts of the baby (that are by now noticeable as arms and legs), and twisting and tearing them away. The child under­goes this until its full corpse is outside of the womb. Cervi­cal laceration can be caused by the sharp edges of the baby’s bones. Profuse bleeding is not uncommon.

In a hypertonic saline abortion, the mother is injected through the abdomen with a solution of concentrated salt. The baby swallows the salt and is poisoned, the baby’s skin is burned and deteriorates, leaving the mother to deliver a burned, shriveled, and of course, dead baby. The abortion, in medical terms, is considered a success.

Partial birth abortion is definitely one of the most sick­ening. The abortionist reaches into the uterus, pulls the baby into the birth canal by its legs with forceps, leaving the head in the womb. Holding a live baby, a human being, a life… the abortionist jams scissors in the back of the baby’s head, spreads the blades a part, and uses a suction catheter to suck the ba­by’s brains out. The corpse, collapsed head and all, is removed from the uterus. Complication common among all of these include bleeding, hemorrhages, laceration of the cervix, men­strual disturbances, inflammation of the reproductive organs, bladder or bowel perforations, serious infection, and infertil­ity. You have to ask yourself; is it really worth it?

You’ve now read the physical aspect of abortion. With­out listing the emotional effects, which are pretty much im­possible for the woman who has had the abortion to do with­out, you can see that there isn’t really a pretty side to abor­tion. If your mind hasn’t changed, there’s not much more I can say to you. In these closing statements, I’d just like to take the advantage of your attention and plea. I beg that if you understand, now, the indecency and immorality of abortion, that you would do your best to spread the facts that so clearly state that abortion is not only morally wrong, but unnatural and harmful. There are many places that will help, generously, the pregnant women in unfortunate circumstances, and if it is impossible for a woman to care for her child, there is always adoption. A couple would be blessed with a child, and a child would be blessed with life. So rather than allowing this wretched and cruel act to continue while there are so many decent and better options, help the people understand. Termi­nate abortion, allow the children to live, save people from the unexpected pain and shame that follows abortion.