A VISIT TO A VILLAGE:Essay writing


Ever since birth, I have lived in Delhi. Since I had heard a lot about villages, I wanted to visit one. And at last I got an opportunity.

One day our teacher decided that he would take us to a village, situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Delhi. He wanted us to see for ourselves the crops of the season.

Sunday was the day fixed for the visit. We started in the morning in a bus. The journey from Delhi to the village was much fun. The moment we were out of Delhi, we seemed to have entered a new world. The air tasted sweet. Everything was different from what we had seen in the city. We reached the village in an hour. Our teacher contacted the village headman. The headman was an old man but strong, agile and healthy. He offered to take us round the fields.

Walking through the village I had a strange feeling. I felt free which I had never felt before. There were no city crowds, no maddening din of the work-a-day world. Nobody seemed to be in a hurry. There was no terror of the speeding traffic. It was all in complete contrast to what I was accustomed to in the city. I saw people just sitting outside their houses, doing nothing and then I saw others who were moving about to attend to their work. But none, working or idle, seemed to be pressed for time. There was a strange expression of calmness, contentment and courage on every face.

When we reached the fields we saw the real beauty of nature, all the wealth that mother earth yields to her beloved children. Full grown, bountiful crops were waving in the fields. We stood on the edge of a field and saw the expanse of land before us, land laden with the fruit of human labour. The scenery fascinated us. For a moment we forgot our city life. The experience was like a rebirth. Soon our teacher was telling us about the crops before us. All that we had read in books came alive before our eyes. The headman made everything all the more interesting by adding comments from his own experience. We stayed in the fields for an hour or so. Then our teacher took us to a well. It was surrounded by trees. We sat under those trees and had our lunch which we had carried with us. The headman joined us on our invitation. He liked our lunch very much.

In the end our teacher thanked the headman and we started for home. It was indeed a day of joy for all of us, a day on which we really lived.