The most loved sport in India needs no introduction. Every person, despite of his or her age, has an opinion on this game. Really, the craze of cricket in India is dramatic. Every time India plays a match, people in India find some or the other way out of their busy routines to view the live action. In India, cricket is followed much like a religion and the cricketers cannot be rated less than God himself. India-Pakistan cricket matches are played with most aggression by not only the players but also the supporters, which makes it a personal rivalry between the two teams.

The craze for cricket was intensified after India’s emphatic victory in the 1983 world cup. Every Indian recalls this moment with pride. But, this interest in the game of cricket, has taken away the shine of other sports. There will be very few who know that hockey is India’s national game. We do remember almost every event in cricket. But, what about other sports? The most common answer to this question by every cricket fan will be that India is only good in cricket. We have highly talented young sportsmen and women in India. Hardworking and spirited players, who dream about representing our country in various sports, are found in India. But, no height can be achieved without support. Just like cricket, if other sports would receive the same support, with no doubt, India would have been mesmerizing in the field of sports.

Cricket is a profession and can also be called a big budget game. Cricketers earn enormous amounts. Cricket followers do not gain anything out of this. An international sport is played for the pride of the country and thus the spirit of the game should be maintained. But there have been many incidents of match-fixing over shadowing the game of cricket. Many cricketers indulge themselves into match- fixing wherein they our secretly payed huge amounts for playing badly.

We all wish that are country will someday be known as one of the giants in the world of sports. That special day is not far away, if we start giving our dedicated and respect support to all players of every sport in India.