Worldwide there are over 300 million fans associated with this sport. And there is a race everyday in the globe. It was developed from the olden day’s horse race, but modified and polished as the days went by, including number of championship races from a fewer countries.

World Rally Championships are a few, namely Monte Carlo Rally, Paris-Dakar Rally and Rallye San Remo. The Monte Carlo Rally is held every year by the Automobile Club de, Monaco. Of all these, Formula-1 is very popular. However, there are some hard and fast rules in FFI. The tyres of these cars need to be filled up with air containing 0 percent moisture and an optimum temperature of 90 degree C.

Why these cars have single seat nowadays is that, previously when there was no rear view mirror, a man was sent with every participant to have a good lookout and warn the driver on seeing another car overtaking. The first race car was specially designed and developed in the year 1911 by Vauxhall and not Ferrari or Alfa Romeo. In the 50s and 60s, Vauxhall cars were popular in India, too.

Besides, in those days, to communicate with the driver, they used black board, but it failed, because the hurtling drivers barely able to read them. So, it was decided to use different colour flags.

Of the nine colour flags, the man posted on the perch at a visible point, would exhibit the flag according to the situation and the message he wants to communicate to the drivers of all cars. One colour flag communicates two different messages when held immobile and waved.

It was during the horse race, women appointed to cook food for the participants and the spectators had used these striped flags to gesture that the lunch was ready.

But mostly one can see B & W checked flag which declares that a race driver had successfully completed the mandatory laps and reached the winning point.

Legendary F1 fame Michael Schumacher holds the highest world record of 154 podium finishes out of 288 races he had participated, so far!