SPIDERMAN: Short Essay


Books and movies of Spider Man enthrall the audience world over. How this name was given is an interesting fact. It was, first, published as a look, rather a comic one, ‘Amazing Fantasy 15’ in 1962.

Like Ian Fleming’s creative character James Bond, Spider Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Directed by Sam Raimi, with Peter Parker performing the cast of Tobey Maguei, and on seeing its success, it was given a new twist with the change of name as, “Spider Man,” who is a do-gooder to the society, punishing the enemies with his immense strength and invincible special powers!

‘Spider Man-2’ was the movie from the comic book adaptation. More than the first book, this movie was a big hit. A box office hit movie, it broke all the previous records as the first five days collection skyrocketed to 152.6 million dollars in US! It broke the previous record of 129 million US dollar for ‘Shrek 2.’

How “Spider Man” got this unique power of the spider was that, he was, once, bitten by a genetically modified spider. Despite his great powers, he had undergone trials and tribulations in his personal life. And his incredible physical abilities could do nothing to enhance his life status.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” being the thematic essence of this movie, and the young and handsome hero, Peter Parker in the lead role.

Profile of Peter Parker, as the Spider Man: He lives in New York. He is a freelance photographer by profession who loves adventurous life. With beautiful hazel eyes as that of a cow, blonde hair, 175 cm tall, weighing 66 kg and armed with a rare twin web shooters on both the wrists which enables him to shoot the web high above on to any tall object like, buildings, poles and trees, and get stuck there for him to have a hold and swing himself up or fly like a rocket!

It is an imaginary character, of course, but then as Albert Einstein had said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” True, isn’t it?