Essay Topics about STRAY DOG MENACE


This is one of the threats to men, irrespective of any age. Among the victims, it is mostly the school children who are bitten by dogs. The reason behind it is they (children) were not properly trained as to how they can keep the dog at bay and escape from being bitten by them. Another one is that, the children break into a run on seeing a dog, or some of them tease the dogs. Hence they are easily targeted.

Dog bites can be fatal. Even if one takes vaccination after the bite, it still has the delayed vibrations. It is bound to react after six months, too. Certain foods are to be avoided for a period of one year or so. Be wary of how you should safeguard yourself.

When there is more than one stray dog in the way, wait until some other person comes and walk with him/her.

Do not tease the dog even if you are with your friends.

If happened to walk past a sleeping dog, do not go near it. Maintain a safe distance.

Do not look directly in the eyes of the dog. This might rattle the dog that you are up to some mischief and react. At the same time, keep a watchful eye, out of the corner of your eyes. If it shows sign of coming after you, stand still watchfully.

Never run on seeing the dog. It will provoke it to chase you.

There is always this ego between a stray dog and a lonely walker or a cyclist or a 2 wheeler rider. If chased by a dog, stand still. This would give a feeling of satisfaction to the dog that you have surrendered yourself to it.

While going by cycle, 2 wheeler, if you see one or more dogs standing on the way, ring the bell sound horn just once or twice, without looking directly at them. You will be surprised to see them giving way! Here it is worth mentioning that stray dogs have better psychology than the ones at home.

If you see the puppies with their mother dog, keep away. Thinking that you may harm the young ones, the mother dog will turn violent. Finally, if you go out after dusk by walk or by vehicle, do not wear dark colored dresses. At least wear a white or light colored shirt. A dark moving person is sure to upset the dog.