THE ABC OF ABL: Essay Writing


ABL refers to Activity Based Learning. This is a widely experimented method of teaching the novice pupil to drive home the message. This way it gets embedded in the young minds, besides the traditional classroom teaching and writing.

It requires mind and body coordination rather simultaneously. It comprises five modules, namely,

  1. Opportunity for creativity
  2. Classroom discipline
  3. Taking the children to concerts
  4. The easy to follow subjects
  5. The leading role played by the teachers.

Like play school that started some years ago, this opportunity for creativity lies more with roping in new lessons that will be useful and relevant. However, this is subjected to a change as and when there is any development. To achieve this, opinion from all level, including the children, is to be sought.

Classroom discipline starts with seating arrangements so that each student can maintain eye contact with the teacher the way the books are kept in the shelf. It also relieves mental block, if any, and enables the children to feel relaxed. Taking the children to concerts is a paramount aspect in imparting education. Some students may be slow or a bit dull, but leave them to have their own way of understanding. The slower they are, the better their memory would be in the long run. For certain learning, divide the students according to their ages, so that one can express one’s feeling freely without hesitation. For this, the teachers need to speak encouragingly even to the erring child.

The easy to follow subjects means, lessons that inspire and attract their attention. To achieve this aspect, text should be made child-friendly, however, without deviating from the theme. New curriculum, useful and contemporary, can be added to keep them abreast of the changing scenario.

Teacher role, again, is important to mould the child better and competent. While having the driving force, it also emphasizes to be matter-of-fact, than being rude. Never let the learner get scared. Fathom the child’s ability and grasping power, and form two groups among them, and then teach accordingly. Anything new is accepted by the children so long as it serves some purposes.

Confucius had said. “Acquire a new knowledge whilst thinking over the old, and you may be cote a teacher of others!”