Essay Writing Topics about CASTEISM


I once heard a political bigwig address in the TV after there was some ghetto disturbances between two groups in the state as to which one should lead the temple celebrations. Three people were killed and 11 others injured in the melee! Reacting to this unrest, the politician spoke very nicely and cleverly, too, about the prevailing casteism, how it affects us all, and also declared that the draconian casteism is to be curbed out in the state!

True, casteism triggers deep divisions between people. It creates a sort of personal enmity between two sections which will be smouldering in their minds. Thus, it makes one to nurse a grudge lifelong. This is, of course, one of the many social-ills, not only in India but in some foreign countries also.

Few days later, an investigative report in a news magazine exposed the true colour of this politician, accusing him that it was he who instigated the unrest!

But why did he do that? In what way would it be beneficial to him or to his party?

The magazine that had torn his mask, also said that he was trying to gain political mileage as there was a by-election round the corner!

Moreover, what made me wonder was that, when they say that casteism is to be curbed out, why do they ask the religion and community of a student in the application form when seeking admission? It is there in all government formats also! My father said that the idea is to uplift the downtrodden. “They are most backward people, below poverty line. The government has to render all assistance to promote them.”

The idea, as told by my father, may be a good one. There’s no second opinion about it. At the same time, what discourages people who excel very well in any competitive examinations is that, when they were denied seats and opportunities despite their merit, just because they belong to FC! Some political leaders insist on taking caste-wise census! What happened to our secularism?