It means publicizing of a commodity that one produces for business promotion. This has become an integral part in any manufacturing company irrespective of the products being made by them.

The advertisement may figure in all media, print as well as electronic. The duration of the ads are mostly few seconds in TVs. But despite their short duration, they make an impact with the public, mostly with ladies, if it has an interest for women.

There are many advertising agencies. All that one has to do is, to approach them and say what one produces and how it serves people. The agency has professionals, like visualizes, copy writer, creative director, musician, voice over person and some others. And they would ask for a lead time. Then the ad film, featuring, especially celebrities, is shown to the customer for his/her approval. For this, the customer has to pay the service charges to the agency.

But, is an advertisement necessary when one produces a high quality product at an affordable price? To cite an example, doyen of automobiles, Henry Ford emphasized it. One day Ford was travelling in a train. At that time there was a terrific demand for his Ford cars. Anyone who placed an order had to wait for nearly two years to get the car! Yet, Ford continued to advertise.

Mentioning this great demand, a co-passenger asked Ford why he still advertised.

Ford asked him at what speed the train was running now. “About 60 mph,” replied the co-passenger. “Okay, when the train is running at high speed, why can’t they detach the engine?” countered Ford. Only then the co-passenger understood the value and importance of advertising!

To quote another funny example, it is like gesturing to someone in the dark. You know what you are doing, but how the other person will know what you are up to? Private TV channels earn very good revenue out of it.

A great quote by Anonymous says, “When the business is good, it pays to advertise; when the business is bad, you have got to advertise!”