Essay Topics about GLOBAL WARMING


(Global: Worldwide; Warming: Getting heated up). Of late, this has become a great concern to everybody in every nation. Just what does it mean? It is the increasing temperature worldwide attributed to the blatant mistakes of men. The past 20th century experienced a constantly rising temperature by 0.3 to 0.8 degree C.

According to the scientists, the greenhouse effect is the major reason that pollutes the oxygen and gas in the air, with the carbon dioxide attracts the sun rays and warmth. This green house effect is contributed mostly due to the carbon dioxide release into the space atmosphere.

It is the greenhouse effect that protects the earth by acting as a buffer between the earth’s surface and the penetrating hard rays of the sun. In other words, if the greenhouse effect declines, the earth will be left wide open to the scorching heat of the sun rays.

A study further reveals that over the next 100 years – by the beginning of the 22nd century, (in 2100) – there can be a drastic change in the earth’s heat shooting up to 4 degrees C.

How the greenhouse effect is harmful? It is due to burning of oil, coal, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emitted by automobile, railway diesel locomotives, factories, ships and so on. It is the blunder of human race across the world.

It is a threat in the long run as the global warming is likely to melt the ice in the extreme northern part, especially, polar ice, and that may result in the flooding of the low lying areas and the countries like Bangladesh and Maldives (amidst the Indian Ocean as the thousands of islands here in Maldives) are hardly few meters above the sea level that the flooding would engulf all these! In addition, the constant emission of the methane gas caused by the cattle also matters. Therefore, it is the pollution in the air that can wreck havoc to the ozone layer and thereby increase the earth’s temperature.