EVIL OF SMOKING: Essay Writing


Smoking is injurious to health is a well known slogan that everybody knows. But smoking is growing in our country. You find the incidence so common every second or third person is smoking cigarette or beedi. Smoking spells ruin to one’s health. It opens the gateway to ill, of physical down fall and speedy death. Tobacco consumption can cause cancer of mouth, throat and lungs. About 50% of cancer cases in India are related to tobacco consumption. 80% of heart attack patients less than 40 years of age are chronic smokers.

It is unfortunate that a habit so injurious to health has so many acceptances in society. Of the common addictions, smoking is the most damaging on a national scale. The glorification of such a habit has to be stopped. But the manufacturers of cigarettes place display advertisements in prints and electronic media to catch the attention of new customers. They aim at catching their patrons young. They say cigarettes and the young are made for each other.

They misguide the youth in to believing that smoking is a macho thing, it increases stamina, it adds to the personality, aids thinking and planning and is fully satisfying. It is becoming a status symbol. It is an ‘in-thing’ among teenagers and even girls starts smoking as a mark of their liberation when they emulate others. Annual budget proposals make cigarettes and tobacco costlier. The anti-smoking campaign wears away marginal smokers from the evil. Smoking is banned in public places and govt, offices. Looks there is growing consciousness of the risks of smoking. Many need persuasion, conviction and medical check to reduce or stop.

Usually people try to cut down on their intake of alcohol and nicotine. By and large people wish to live long and live healthy. Nobody is his senses would opt for cancer or heart attack or high blood pressure. But some of them are out right slaves to the habit. They need help to give up the habit of smoking.

The most shocking thing in India is that the tobacco companies have launched a campaign to enlist woman smokers. Women consist of almost half the population.

He tobacco companies say that smoking is a lady’s privilege. In fact women smokers run an even greater health risk than men. This is serious and must be checked.

Then there is the problem of passive smoking. Even non-smokers are liable to suffer. There may be heavy smokers in a crowd. Or out of husband and wife, one may be a smoker and the other has to suffer silently.

To check this health hazard, the govt, and public alike couragely take steps through law and massive propaganda. We must take an oath that we won’t use this evil.