Children’s day began to be celebrated with the aim of directing more and more attention to the people of India to the welfare of the children. Jawaharlal Nehru, our former prime minister made arrangements for celebrating children’s day on 14th Nov every year in connection with his birthday. He loved children very much. He understood the place of children in society. Children call him by name ‘Chacha Nehru’.

Our generation has to provide all the facilities and opportunities to our children. This is only our duty. Parents have no right to bring them in to this world, without giving them initial protection that they need.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizen. They have to take up the responsibilities of the nation. We have to give more attention in the case of children and bring them in such a way as to enable them to become true citizen of India. As a result of ignorance and economic backwardness of the people proper attention has not yet been given to the problem of children.

The condition of children in undeveloped and under developed countries are very deplorable. They are lacking in nutritious food and good dress. There are no educational facilities for them. In some countries children are made to work as slaves.

A large majority of children in India does not get nutritious food. As a result of this their growth is retreated. Besides they will become easy victim to various kinds of diseases. Now the urgent need is to take immediate step to provide them with enough nutritious food and proper medical aid.

Another important action to be taken is in the case of education. Though there are facilities for free educations; the census shows that the large numbers of children are growing without education in our country. Only a small percentage of children in this country are getting pre-primary education. Now the importance of pre-primary education is increasing.

It is the urgent need that orphanages should be started for attending children who have no parents or homes. Physically and mentally handicapped children must be given special attention.

It is the duty of the Govt, to make awareness among the people of the importance of childcare. Mediums like publications, radio, T.V., etc should be used for propaganda.

The Govt and the public should give emphasis for the programmes of child care as a part of family welfare programmes. Let us not forget poet Wordsworth’s words “The children are the father of man”.