Is it the right term to say that an accident had happened? Accidents do not occur of its own. There must be some reason; a mistake committed by someone that leads to an accident. Reading between the lines, the right term to describe it is, to borrow the railway jargon that says, “Accidents do not happen; they are caused.”

It is true. Most of the accidents involving heavy vehicles occur during the wee hours in the national highways. Over speeding, lack of alertness, drowsiness, driving in inebriated condition, some drivers taking a nap and allowing the cleaners to drive, and poor maintenance of vehicles and roads, and many more. Accidents of these kinds occur outside city limits everyday all over India.

In cities, accidents involving 2 wheelers top the list! A statistic says that mostly 2 wheeler riders in between 18 and 30 are more prone. That is because these youngsters do not have patience. If they see an auto or a heavy vehicle going ahead, they blindly overtake, coming face to face with the oncoming vehicle, resulting in a head-on collision. If only they show some patience and look ahead before overtaking, they could avoid his tragedy.

Always obey traffic police. They are your well-wishers. Force yourself to develop this good culture. Have your vehicle checked periodically. Examine if the tyres have sufficient air as recommended. Be proactive.

Some time back, Mumbai police have warned the road users with two amusing and thought-provoking hoardings, displayed at several busy intersections. They read:

“Over takers, beware of undertakers!”

“Hit and run: keep it strictly to cricket!”

Here are some tips off which no traffic rules had ever suggested. Stray cattle roam around freely in Indian roads. At times, a cattle chased by a shop man, is suddenly bound to run amok and be in your way. So, the best thing to do is, give an allowance of about two meters gap and proceed cautiously.

Just for jest! Famous writer Punch once jovially remarked, “What is better than the presence of mind in a train accident? Absence of body!”