Essay Writing about India and Nuclear Weapons

India and Nuclear Weapons

India has repeatedly said it wants peace with its neighboured and utilizes its nuclear option for peaceful purposes. But it must also be prepared to deferred itself in case some attacks it India is no exception. China and Pakistan are India’s neighbours. They have utilized every resource to prepare themselves. In case of war. China is now not only major nuclear power in Asia, it has also helped Pakistan to develop nuclear weapons. Pakistan has also been enjoying economic and military aid from the U.S.

India being a big country, too as to make her presence felt in the region. For this is to be accomplished, she has been involved in nuclear research since long. India faced a crushing and humiliating defeat in its war with China in 1962, and this has forced her to be prepared for any threat in future. Manufacturing nuclear weapons is very important for India because the World should be made aware that she is not a weak nation and that in times of strife, she can defend her honour.

There are many people who are of the opinion that India should not manufacture nuclear weapons. A peace loving people believe that no country should manufacture nuclear weapons. This is true, but the fact that the world is constantly in a state of uncertainty and the political seere is unpredictable, it is better to prepared rather than to feel sorry later.

India should not have an aggressive attitude. It should remain committed to peace which means that she should never start a war. She should, however, be adequately prepared to define herself in case some country attacks her.

Meanwhile at home, nuclear energy can be utilized for peaceful purposes. Many developmental programmes have been started by the govt. Nuclear energy is of great use in the field of construction and to dig out various treasures from the earth. It is the need of the day to bring about greater progress and India cannot afford to lie behind. Hence, nuclear power is necessary for India.