In olden times India was known as the center place of knowledge and learning. In the beginning teachers used to give education to their students in their own houses or Ashramas. Later universities were opened.  Where education of Ayurveda, Literature and Astrology was given to the students. Nalanda, Takshasila were renowned universities of the olden days. Those parents who did not give education to their children were considered to be the enemies of their own children.

But that great tradition of education for which India was known as an honourable country lost its name and fame due to foreign invasion. In Mughal period, there was no proper arrangement in education. After the coming of British, they changed the pattern of Indian education. They made English compulsory so that they might produce clerks who could be able to work for them efficiently. Unfortunately, even after independence the same system of education is continued till today.

When some of our great leaders found this system defective, they tried to abolish it. Gandhiji introduced Basic education which vocational Education made compulsory. There are so many committees were organized to raise the honour of Indian education, Radha Krishna Commission (1949) Mediate Commission (1953) Sampurnanad Committee (1962) Kothari Commission (1968) were important among them.

Education system of any country should be according to the needs and values of the society of that particular country. So in our country the objectives are:-

1.Physical and mental development of a person.

2.To develop a feeling of self confidence and self independent in person.

3.To develop moral values and thoughtfulness.

4.Development of gentleness, manners, equality, co operation and tolerance.

5.To develop the feelings of national integration, respect for all religions etc.

6.People should be given the knowledge of our glorious past and side by side they should be prepared to enhance towards the 21st century.

Govt was realized one thing that they should improve primary education. Govt should give compulsory primary education free.In mediate level students should be given the knowledge of employment and practical training In higher education, policy is restricted. Admissions should be applied so that the bright students can get admission through competitive examinations.

Govt running many programmes for adult education for those who desired. Open universities and external examinations were started.

The examination system prevailing in our country is totally defective. It only depends on cramming the answers, students have no practical knowledge. They were introducing unit test system, objective text system. In this system students remain busy throughout the year and they have to do a thorough study of the subject concerned.

A great tress is being given on the technical, vocational, medical, agricultural, management and engineering courses.

Govt is doing its best to bring these changes in to our education system. All these objectives are mentioned in our “new education system” It has been started but it can be successful only if students, teachers and education department will try to work with cooperation of one another.