India, our motherland, is a vast country with a vast population. This vast population consists of people of different colours, creeds, castes and communities. There are Mangols, Arayans, and Dravidans etc. The Dravidians of Mixed origin consist of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists etc. They are divided into so many castes and sub-castes that it is hard to count them all. They speak different languages and follow different customs and rites. The modes and ways of living also differ. But inspite of the internal differences all are Indian living in one united and undivided India. Thus we have been living as one nation for the last so many centuries, making the old proverb, ‘unity in diversity’ come true.

In India the caste system originated with the coming of Aryans who divided people into different castes according to their occupation, for their convenience. The caste thus formed for the proper conduct of society turned in to difference of high and low, great and small, black and white. The division of labour among these communities and castes was to facilitate the society to run it well, but the same has become a curse today.

It was the British rulers, with their policy ‘divide and rule’ who sowed the seeds of communalism by instigating the Muslim against Hindu. They forced Muslims to believe that Hindustan, the other name for India. This paved the way for communal riots between two countries which ultimately resulted in the formation of Pakistan, but that too did not solve the problem. In fact, it only created more problems. Today also the struggle is continuing and problems are created even in the name of God the Almighty.

For example, now the Babri Masjid problem of two countries nearly Muslims and Hindus. They gain the support of political parties who are trying to thrive making use of the situation. The political parties are creating problems wasting the precious time and give suffering to the ordinary people.

This situation is not a common feature of India alone, out every nook and corner of the world, there are some sort of disasterous happening in the name of religion. The age old Arab-Israel conflicts, International crisis of Indonesia, on account of East Tinore etc are examples.

Those who are fighting in the name of religion, caste and God very often forget the basic truth that God has created every one alike. Impute of he being Hindu, Muslim or Christian etc. are his own children and everyone is dear to him and whatever faith one follows there is no identifying difference from being ‘aman’

It is very unfortunate for Indian’s that even after 54 years of Independence; we could not completely eradicate the evils of caste system. The backward classes still remain backward. The Govt, whatever may be the party, which comes to power has not been successful in putting on end to evil.

Let us hope for a better world in the near future, without caste, creed or communities which are acting as barriers between man and man and in the development of every nation. Let us hope that friendliness will develop among nations which will help us to teach the oncoming generation the lesson that, there is only one god, one religion and one caste.