Student’s Annual Day Celebrations: Short Essay

Student’s Annual Day Celebrations

I am very happy and proud in welcome you all in this auspicious event. Annual day celebration of the school is an important get together of the parents, Teacher and students. When we look back at the year that has just passed. I feel satisfied that we have achieved quite a lot.

Accordingly the name of our school has been held high by our meritorious students who were placed in the merit list of the school final examination. These students have now got admissions in prestigious colleges on scholarships from the Board of Examinations and may have obtained college scholarships in the colleges in which they are admitted.

There are about five of our students who just missed the scholarships as to them our school is giving promotional scholarships for one year, to encourage them in their studies and career.

Coming back to the activities in our own school, I find pleasure to announce that our teaching system in the school has been so upgraded that the number of failures in class examination was practically nil and therefore, all students in all classes were promoted to the next higher classes.

In extracurricular activities also our students have forged ahead. They have won the inter-school Cricket championship and became runner up in interschool basketball tournament. We have introduced all sorts of outdoor and indoor games. I hope they will show their talents in the cultural programmes that they will present before you today and also the play, they are going to stage as the final programme.

So, parents, stay with us to encourage our students this day, and with your active co-operation, I am sure, our students will do even better in all facts, of their school life.