Short Essay about Sports: An Indispensable part of Education

Sports: An Indispensable part of Education

The stunted, emaciated figures and the jittery faces have become synonymous with the school going children now a day. The innocence and exuberance with they carry from their cradle get crushed when they reach their school. The heavy weight of the (school) hours has chained and bowed their restive and lustful mind. Education means bringing up an individual mentally, morally and physically. In the midst of their heavy curriculum, children do not get any time to run, play and enjoy. The mind swells up, the body shrinks. In the absence of sound physique, the mental power is jeopardized. The result is a dismal show an uninspired lumpish generation living a graceless and warmouth life. Hence is the importance of sports and games in schools.

The importance of games and sports is developing the complete personality of an individual need hardly be emphasized. The playground is simply not a piece of land where children play. But in many ways it is a didactive sphere where many human and ethical values are fostered in children. Life is itself a playground where the competence, courage and determination are put to litmus test. These qualities help man to come out from the field victorious and unscathed.

When the players on the ground, they play with file intention of winning the game. Team spirit and coordination is fostered in them. Games and sports always helped in establishing cordial and harmonious relation, among different individual, states and nations. The victory and defeat is to be accepted with a sportsman spirit always inspiring to reach the dizzy heights. Discipline is the hallmark of success is developed on a playground. Not only discipline but self control, self reliance, aplomb, confidence and determination are imbibed in us through sports. So the playground itself becomes a school, imparting the best education to us.

Let the children regain the freedom to jump and play. Just remove heavy encumbers from their shoulders and all the jitters from there miens will soon vanish. They will turn out to be better citizens, assimilating the goodness of the books in a much better manner than what they are doing presently. Let’s resolve to play the games with zeal.