26th January is a red letter day in the history of India. It was on this day that our own constitution came in to force and our country became a secular, democratic republic. It reminds us of the day when the Congress Party took a historic pledge to free the country from the foreign rule.

The preparations and arrangements are made in the lawns near India Gate. One platoon from every regiment takes part in the parade. In the same way, the sailors and airmen are drawn from the Indian Navy and Indian Air force. The country proudly displays her night through the guns tanks, ships and aeroplanes. The function starts early in the morning. The Prime Minister lays a garland near to Jawan Jyothi. He pays homage to the martyrs who gave their lives to save the nation. At exact 8 A.M. the President reaches the saluting base and is received by Prime Minister and other ministers. He is also the supreme Commander of our armed forces.

The soldiers march briskly. The band plays martial tunes. As they pass the saluting base, they turn their eyes towards the President. The Commanding officer salutes and marches on. The member of the paramilitary forces also takes part in the march.

Last of all come the ‘plots’ of various states in which they display the life of the people. The cultural troupes also perform the folk dances. The students from various schools in Delhi put up a very beautiful show in the form of dances and national songs with action. The soldiers taking part ill the parade march back to their barracks. It is one of the most charming displays out up by our armed forces every year.