Success is Ours: Essay

Success is Ours

No problem in this world can defy solution, provided one has the will. There is an answer to every questions. A way out of every trouble and solution to every riddle. Nothing is impossible in tills world that a man cannot achieve. The word impossible itself spells “I’m possible’.

‘Fortune favours the brave’, they say. It helps those who help themselves. It has been rightly said “little strokes fell mighty Oaks”. Life is a play ground on which winners are those who plan towards the goal, chase it and achieve it. Only dead fish are swept away with stream. But look at the flying kite, it often flies in opposite direction of wind. So stand up and begin to fight.

Failures bring frustration, pessimism, dejection and desperation. Hopes get dashed to the ground and dark clouds cast gloom all around. But a brave person the optimist, who has faith in his talents, ability, hard work and industry often sees a silver lining even in dark clouds. He analyses the cause of his failures, tries to understand defect provides an opportunity to assess one’s abilities and sharpen one’s armoury for a second assault.

Positive attitudes are the basic approach to anything. If our attitude is not correct nothing else is right and we will lose even before we start. Enthusiasm adds sparkle of self confidence in ourselves. It motivates us and our surroundings. Positive thinking is always pays. It is reflected in one’s dead.

Luck, chance and destiny are some excuses of those who are? Not, who run away from battle field for fear of being defeated. It is foolish to blame unfavourable circumstances of life. Life is not a bed of roses. It is a thorny road and we ourselves have to pave a way through it by putting in our best effort.

“Today’s mighty tree is just yesterday’s little nut”. It is necessary for us to judge the positive and negative factors in the way to our goal and proceed towards it patiently as “slow and steady wins the race”. Otherwise “Haste leads waste”. A person in haste will lose valuable time in an unplanned work. Patience in the art of hoping even if the
situation does not favour. Perseverance is to keep trying again and again despite repeated failures and the invaluable messages of never losing courage even in worst circumstances.

Our life is but a long journey. The traveller will have a move on with all its ups and downs. He has to keep his destination always in mind. The motto” Never gives up” should be in watchword. None but the traveller will know the true joy of achieving the destination. One should always have Date to think, Dare to try, Dare to fail, Dare to succeed.