It is said that “Constantly talking is not necessarily communicating.” Some people yak for long on useless topics, while some talk most useful things. But it requires patience to listen to them and get benefited from their talks.

Identify these two categories and listen to the latter. Experts say that by just listening, about 85 per cent of people can learn. However, another study says that by not listening fully, only 25 per cent gain knowledge. Allow the speaker to have his/her own way in narrating, be it even a tale. Interrupting terminates the free flow of the memories and thoughts of the narrator.

Never discourage useful speakers even if they bore you. This may hurt their sentiments and they are certain to feel humiliated. This will make them to withhold their good ideas from sharing them with you.

When listening, listen with rapt attention, showing facial expression to be gentle and polite. The one word, like a hook, that fetches more information is, ‘why.” Ask your doubt after the person had finished talking. Apart from gaining a place for you in his/her heart, an intelligent question also elucidates your knowledge and interest to know new things. It also will say some unanswered questions in it.

To steer him/her to share more ideas with you, just praise, but do not flatter, quoting an old incident or story he/she had told you before which depicted one’s knowledge and presence of mind. The thought that you still remember what was said before will turn him/her as a well-wisher of yours!

When someone bores you, be it while travelling or watching a movie, say promptly that although what he/she says is interesting, you have other things to do than listens to him/ her. Some close friends may chide you after you have handled a thing wrongly. If he is a good friend, let it drift, after you have taken cue from it; if the person is not familiar with you, say again without hesitation not to remind you about that. Avoid the second category.