This is nothing unusual. Every one of us feels so at one time or the other, especially, after a tedious journey or hard work, or after hours of studying or even lack of sufficient sleep, too. But what is alarming is that, teenagers who feel tired and beaten most of the time without even doing anything of this sort!

It is a sign of declining health condition. And the reason for such poor health condition among teenagers may be attributed to many reasons.

Eating habits: What one eats matters most! The food we take must contain all the ingredients necessary for a perfect health called ‘Balanced’ diet. Eating fruits, greens, vegetables, milk, sea food, especially fish, nuts, seeds are the right fuel for the growing mind and body. The complete vegetarian food itself gives lasting energy.

Exercise: Doing regular exercise increases the oxygen level in the blood and makes one feels hungry. In a chain-like reaction, it also enables one to have sufficient undisturbed sleep which is a stimulant to the body, brain and the whole nervous system, as well. This is like urea to crops.

Medicinal reactions: Some times, the intake of few medicines due to some mild sickness, wreck havoc in one’s health condition because of its side effects or allergic conditions. Avoid such medicines in the future.

Maintaining Sugar level: The declining level of sugar in the body also amounts to wearisome. To maintain this level, it becomes necessary to have something at frequent intervals. Experts say one must eat some solid or semi-solid eatables once in four hours. Some snacks will keep the level in order, besides enabling one to cope with the physical and mental strain. Remember, Napoleon had rightly said that, “An army marches on its stomach!”

Lonely as a cloud: Another reason to feel tired is that, lack of company. When one is lonely, it naturally bores. Under such circumstances, books will keep the spirit alive. Above all, it is better not to give room for bad thoughts.

 Keep yourself busy one way or the other.