Weather! It refers to change in the atmospheric conditions, such as rain, thunder storm, air, sun shine and snow. The four changing seasons, summer, autumn, winter and spring are caused due to the tilting of the earth’s axis. Thus we have four seasons in a year.

In addition, it is the change in the air pressure that amounts to weather change. The criss-cross lines on the weather maps are Isobars. It is useful to predict weather conditions. And air pressure is measured with an instrument called, Barometer.

Air is different from wind. Wind speed is measured by anemometer, an instrument with three or four metal cups revolving horizontally, (see weather news when a cyclone is approaching). If the force of the wind is more, this meter spins fast. So do the windmills also. To know the direction of the wind, weather vane (a cock perched on an iron bar) is more opt.

Lightning are chiefly two: sheet lightning and forked lightning.

To know the distance of the storm: Here is a formula to find out actual distance of the approaching thunder! This is it: the moment lightning is seen, one can start counting the seconds till the first note of the rumbling of the thunder is heard. By dividing the number of seconds counted thus by three, one can find the distance in km. It is because light travels faster than sound!

How to protect from lightning? If one is in an open ground, go down to your hands and knees and stay crouched. Never take shelter under a tree. Lightning always strike the tallest object, nearer it. If you are swimming or cycling at that time, get under cover, preferably inside a building. If you are inside a car, stay where you are.

Strange but true! Will anyone survive lightning strike to tell the tale? Yes, there is an American by name, Roy Sullivan. He was struck by lightning seven times! On the seventh occasion, it went through his hat, drilling a neat hole through it. He gave away that hat to the museum. They called him a magnetic man!

The scientists are ‘yet’ to find the truth what made him to attract lightning!