Essay Writing Topics on DRUG ADDICTION


Today every country in the world is no longer secure from the menace of drug abuse. Even in the most powerful country America is in its grip, India is not far behind.

Drugs have been used for medical purposes since time immemorial. Bui these days drugs and narcotics are being used freely by the people all over the world. The abuse of narcotics has caused wide spread concern to all the nations of the world.

The number of people using opium, cocaine, charas, sedatives and other narcotics has surpassed all dimensions. Thus the abuse of drugs has become an international problem. In India their number has been increasing at an alarming rate. Its use has gripped many young men and women. It cripples the addict’s mental and physical organs and cause a painful for him and his family. Mostly it is the younger generation that fall an easy prey to it.

The coming generation is thus crippled by the rampant abuse of drugs. The addicts become immoral and commit crimes of various sorts in order to get drugs. They lose their conscience, self-control, will power and memory. They indulge in anti-social activities, which in turn stamp them as out castes in the society. Eventually, the abuse of drugs hastens their untimely death if not checked in time. More than 80 per cent of heroin addicts in India are in the age – group of 12-25 years. The abuse of drugs has been found mostly in the urban centers of our country.

There are several reasons for taking to drug habit. In order to become modern, students with heavy purses take to drug habit. When their money is spent they spread its use among others, some youth take to drugs to overcome frustration in life. Some children take to drugs whose parents often quarrel at home. There are scores of other factors which lead children to drug addiction. They try to ape the Western youth who have fallen prey to drug addiction.

Now and then we read in the newspapers about seizures of various intoxicants by the police raids. This shows how much the use of drugs has spread in India. India has become a major transit route for world -wide drug traffic. This has caused much concern to the Indian government as well as the government of other countries of the world.

Our government has taken steps to check the abuse of drugs and provide medical treatment for the addicts. Many kinds of treatments have been chalked out for detoxification but they are insufficient. Some of them are Aversion Treatment’, ‘Logo therapy’ Group Therapy and so on. Addiction should be considered as an illness of the addict. If taken in this light the addict’s illness can be cured gradually by detoxification and aftercare, but for it the addict’s strong will power is needed apart from support and understanding from his or her relatives and friends. To eradicate the addict’s habit we must find the root cause to the problem. Our attitude should be kind, sympathetic and human towards addicts. Many centers have been set up for dead diction of drug abusers we have to educate people about the abuse of drugs through various purposeful means of communication. More and more efforts are needed by all of us to check its spread.