A woman is the curve and mans a straight line. He follows her eternally. Mystery and Enigma-thy name is woman, say Cynics. She takes on a different shape for an ordinary man, a poet and a scientist.

Behind every successful man there is a woman. She is there perhaps to tell him that he is wrong. Behind every successful man there is the other woman, say romantics. But all agree mat there would be a woman behind a man. Conversely, there is a man in every woman even in the world itself, literally. Is she also a woe than? Though man has got a companion in her, he has lost his tranquility and mental peace. Manu/ the Hindu law-giver, maintained that no woman deserves liberty. He later says—where the women are adored there the gods live. The woman in ancient India played a different role from that of western woman. She was held in high esteem as Devi, Mata and Adhishakti or energy from which everything else sprang. She was not a symbol of weakness, but of Chaitanya or consciousness. Yet she was exploited and ill – treated and condemned as an evil influence.

True, a woman is a combination of the good and bad. She can be an adorable mother, sister, daughter and wife or at the same time a harlot and a cunning crook. In western society she was mainly an object of sexuality, a sex – pot. She was called the evil by the priests. In later years she was used to promote commercial products. Naturally she rebelled against male domination. Recent slogan of some American Women liberals is “Starve the Husband – the rat! Let his mind the kitchen.” This is ridiculous.

The emancipation movement for women in the world suffered badly owing to their misconceived notions of liberty. They failed to recognize the emotional relationship between a man and a woman. In India it is relationship between two souls. The union is considered sacred. It is not only meant for procreation, but also for performing certain religious duties. A correct relationship should be based on useful and honourable term between two equals, with différent responsibilities.

Naturally women must have a greater say in many aspects of home life and society. But she must realize that she cannot live in isolation. Without a man she is incomplete. She plays a key role in the building of ‘family’. She plays a crucial dominant role as a mother to her children. Unfortunately the joint family system has almost collapsed amongst the urban people. The newest norm is the nuclear family set-up. When things go-off track, there is no elderly person or force to restore cordiality between husband and wife. The result is broken family. Today we are witnessing a dismal picture. In spite of many laws to defend women, Crime against women is on the increase. The situation is alarming. Economic independence has exposed women to sexual exploitation in offices and other working places. They have become a saleable commodity in advertisements. The job of an air hostess is only that of a waitress or servant.

Emancipation does not mean the liberty to do what one please. It is movement to acquire self – respect and dignity. A woman gets respects by being upright and traditional bound to some extent.