DEVOTION: Essay Writing


Devotion is the easiest way to get liberation. If god is “simple” and easily approachable as our spiritual guides tell us, why then the numerous sacred texts, which project His qualities, are complicated, giving scope for divergent commentaries and even for criticism by some?

These works will appear tough and controversial only to an ordinary individual but even he can get enlightened when the contents are properly analyzed and presented for those who are keen to approach god.

The Gita and Sri Madhwacharya’s commentary on it resolve the apparent inconsistencies therein, spelling out the theme relating to obtaining liberation, which a struggling soul will be keen to secure. What then is the easiest and effective means to be adopted to seek liberation is the question that may arise in many minds as they have before them several avenues.

“Devotion to god with intense faith, sincerity and love” is the simplest way and how to cultivate it is described almost elaborately in the Gita, in which innumerable episodes are added to demonstrate god’s merciful qualities.

The acharyas, who were deputed by god with a mission to guide the yearning souls, have brought out the esoteric significance of the Divine actions. The significance of events like Lord Krishna’s sport with innocent cowherd maiden has been explained in Madhawa’s commentary.

People refer to a doubt whether the path adopted by the cowherd maiden can be emulated by all, the Acharya writes that the Lord nothing to benefit from any of such sports.

The maids were soaked in devotion and the Lord knows the trajectory which a soul has to take. The desire of the women served as a catalytic factor to further intensify their bhakti, transforming them totally oblivious to all mundane considerations.

The Lord only facilitated the devotees by making Himself visible and playing with them. He was then hardly seven, and as the Supreme, He is ever joyous within Himself and hence there was no need to go after pleasure.

Every available opportunity should hence be utilized and channellised in making bhakti blossom.

A piece of iron sinks in water but when the same is beaten into thin sheets, they can be used to build a boat to ferry us across a river. Desire, not for worldly gains but as an aid to devotion, serves as a venerable trait. God too displays His regards for men of bhakti and preserves the dust of their feet.