Essay Writing Topics FULL OF LOVE


Meditation is way of living full of love and consciousness. It is not about going to temples, praying hurriedly and yet continues living life mechanically and accidentally. Meditation means to bring spiritual awareness to each act—big and small

The quality of love and acts of meditation, go hand in hand. If you meditate, says Osho, you will simply love; it will be just a quality of your being. And then it has a different flavour and does not create bondage. Then you share unconditionally and your love is just the way you naturally are.

Osho tells a story, once a mystic was travelling with his disciples. They come to a sarai. In the morning, the keeper of the sarai offered tea and snacks. While they were drinking their tea, suddenly, the keeper fell at the master’s feet, ecstatic—crying with joy.

The disciples were puzzled. How could he know that this person was the master? It was supposed to be a secret and the disciples were told that nobody ought to be told who the master is. They were all dressed alike.

The master was moving incognito. Who has told this sarai-keeper? The disciples looked worried. They inquired, but nobody had told; nobody had even talked to that man, the owner. The master said: “Don’t feel puzzled. Ask this man himself, how he recognized me. Nobody has told him; he has recognized.”

So they asked: “We cannot recognize. Even we are suspicious about whether he is truly enlightened or not, and we have lived with him for many years. Still, a suspicion somewhere goes on lurking. How have you recognized?”

The man said: “I have been serving tea and breakfast and food to thousands of people. I have been watching thousands of people, and I have never come across a man who has looked with such deep love at the teacup. I could not help but recognize. I know all sorts of people passing from here but I have never seen anybody looking at the teacup with such i love, as if somebody is looking at one’s beloved.”

Osho explains that this man must have had a totally different quality; he must be full of love. Otherwise, who looks at a teacup with such love? A teacup is a teacup. You have to use it. It is a utility. You do not look at it with love.

In fact, you do not look at your own wife with love. She is a utility, a teacup is just to be used and kept aside. You do not look at your husband with love. The husband is a means.

Love is possible only when everything becomes the end. Then even a teacup has the quality of the beloved.