Essay about SOUL POWER


The greatest men of the world have always stood alone. Take the great prophets, Zoraster, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad—they all stood alone. They had living faith in themselves and their God, and, believing as they did that God was on their side, they never felt lonely.

We may recall the occasion when pursued by numerous enemies. Abu Bakr, who was accompanying the Prophet in his flight, trembled to think of their fate and said; “Look at the number of enemies that is overtaking us. What can we do against these heavy odds?”

Without a moment’s reflection, the prophet rebuked his faithful companion by saying; ‘No Abu Bakr, we are three, for God is with us.’ Well-meaning efforts never go in vain, and man’s success lies only in such an effort. The result is in His hands.

Strength of numbers is the delight of the timid. The valiant of spirit glory is fighting alone. Be you one or many, this valour is the only true valour. The value of the spirit cannot be achieved without sacrifice, determination, faith and humility.

The history of great deeds is the history of men who had the courage to stand alone against the world. Rana Pratap, deserted by all, carried on alone a desperate arid losing fight to his dying day but refused to lower the flag for a single second; so did Shivaji, and the world remembers their name with pride.

The very sight of a lion puts to flight a thousand sheep. The reason is plain. The sheep are aware of their weakness, the lion of its strength. The consciousness of strength in the latter overpowers the numerical strength of the former. By analogy, may we not deduce that ‘soul force’ or ‘spirit force’ may not after all be a mere figment of imagination but a reality?

When Galileo declared that the earth was round like a ball and turned on its axis, he was ridiculed as a visionary and a dreamer and was greeted with abuses. But today we know that Galileo was right, and it was his opponents, who believed the earth to be stationary and flat like a dish, that they were living in the cloudland of their ignorance.

Modern education tends to turn our eyes away from the spirit. The possibilities of the spirit fore or soul-force, do not appeal to us, and our eyes are consequently riveted on the transitory, material force.

We are told that the revolution in Japan was brought about not through thousands of men, but at the head of it were only 12 men who fired the zeal of fifty-five. And probably amongst these 12 was only one man who was the author of the whole plan. If a true beginning is made, the rest is simple. We therefore, arrive at the astonishing conclusion that one true man is enough for any reform, no matter how impossible it may appear in the beginning.

It is depth more than the width that is wanted. If we lay a stable foundation, posterity will be able to erect a solid structure upon; whereas; if the foundation is built on sand, there will be no work for posterity except to dig out the sand to lay the foundation anew.