The problem of the choice of a suitable profession is closely linked with the problem of unemployment. It is mainly the result of our defective system of education, which lay too much emphasis on literary training. But it is also due to the faulty planning on the part of Government, which cannot create suitable job opportunities for all. To some extent unemployment in India is also the result of the craze among the educated youth for ‘white collar jobs’. Lack of education and vocational guidance facilities, are some of the other factors, which contribute to the problem of unemployment.

There is a keen struggle for survival going on in the world. Young men and women after finishing their education, find it very difficult to get a suitable employment for them. They are baffled as to which career they should choose. Whatever profession they choose they have to face stiff competition.

Due to the spread of education, educated young men and women like to adopt the profession of a teacher. They may possess, aptitude as well as training for the profession, yet very few of them can be absorbed in schools and colleges. The lot of those who are without training is worse. They try their luck in offices but meet with disappointment and frustration.

Engineering and Medical profession have a great attraction for many. But even those professions do not present a very bright picture. First, it is the lot of the lucky few only to get admission to a Medical or an Engineering College. Secondly, the education in professional colleges is so expensive that the rich alone can afford it. Lastly, even a degree in medicine or engineering is no guarantee for a suitable job. That is why many of our promising young doctors and engineers prefer to immigrate to some foreign country.

With the spread of trade and commerce, many young men like to go for Banking, Business management, Accountancy, Salesmanship and the like. Trade and commerce seem to have a greater job potential than many other fields, yet it cannot provide employment to all and sundry. Another field, which has some potential for the job, is Computer and IT as these days computer is a new thing in India and it is fast developing.

Money making is the only motive of most of the youth in choosing their profession. This tendency is the root cause of many young men’s failure in life. Very often they choose a career for which they possess neither the capability nor the aptitude. They do not know what profession they will adopt after finishing their education. They simply want to obtain a degree, knowing little where it will lead them to. The result is that they meet with failure and turn to crimes for quick money.

It is therefore essential to provide young men and women with educational as well as vocational guidance. This will help them choose a profession in accordance with their capability and aptitude. This will also go a long way in solving the problem of unemployment. The government is now taking all possible steps in this direction.