The game of cricket has now become very popular in our country. Cricket matches are played everywhere. Indian teams go abroad and foreign teams visit India every year. Winter is the best season for it. I take a keen interest in this game and therefore, I went to see a match at Cochin between Kerala and Calicut University.

It was played on 15th November 2004, on the University ground where the arrangements were very excellent. Both the teams, headed by their captains reached there in time. The match was inaugurated by the Kerala Governor. After a brief introduction of the teams, the match began.

The toss was won by Calicut. Therefore, they took batting. The spectators anxiously watched the game which was supposed to be the most exciting and contesting. Arun and sameer started bowling and within twelve over’s they took three wickets. Up to lunch the Calicut batsmen of could score only 30 runs. The match after lunch became exciting and due to these fast bowlers, the whole team could not score more than 82 runs.

Then the Kerala team had a good start. The opening batsmen made thirty runs within an hour. Both Vijay and Vinod had an easy time and they took twenty more runs. But unfortunately, Vijay was bowled and the rest of the players were dismissed for only 70 runs to the great surprise of all.

Both the teams on that day could not play well, as the game of cricket entirely depends upon chance. The spectators were not at all satisfied as they could not enjoy. There was no life and colour in the game. Thus, the game was over and everyone was unhappy.