Flower shows are yearly features. These are not only a show but it creates interest among the people. Viewers are lovers of flower and wait for the show for almost a year. Flowers of different kinds and colours are exhibited. Flower-beds are also systematically arranged to appear nice and pretty.

Normally, January to March is the period of flower show. During this period the flowers are in full bloom. Hence, the flower show produces a spectacular scene. All the flowers create an authentic and nice view.

“Ikebana section” is most popular these days in every flower show. Ikebana is Japanese method of flower arrangement. With the help of some “aids” flowers and similar objects are given specific shapes. Ikebana may use different types of “aids” to provide types of base for flower arrangement. Now these types of flower arrangement are very popular. At the flower show “Ikebana section” is most crowded.

Flowers in the show are brought from private and government gardens, offices and nurseries. Individuals also provide flowers in the form of ‘entries’. There are not so large numbers but mostly of high quality. These entries earn many prizes.

Men, women and children visit flower shows in large numbers. Mostly the ‘show’ is held on Saturday and Sunday. Flower shows are arranged by District authorities on district level.

There are all types of attraction for women and children. Besides stall of fancy goods, there are stalls of ‘eatables’ and general interest. Goods of women’s interest are widely exhibited in the show.