Amit, my friend, is the captain of our football team. He is a student of class X and a fine player. One day we decided to play a football match with the team of St. John’s School Team. We took permission from our Head master.

The date and time of the match was decided with the captain of St. John’s School. Our school playground was decided to the venue of the match. Games secretary of our school asked the fieldsman to prepare the ground including the marking and fixing the net. He also ordered for the arrangement of some items for the party after the game.

Both the teams reached the field in time. The games teacher of St. John’s School was the referee. He asked the players to play a fair game. The match started at 4.00 p.m. In the toss our captain our Captain lost and the priviledge of starting the game was given to St. John’s School. In football there are eleven players on each side and the duration is of forty five minutes each half and a interval in between.

The game started on a fast pace. Both the team started playing a fast game. All the players were eager to win the match. Both the teams were playing a short pass game and were trying to outwit the players of the other team. None resorted to foul play. So the game was smooth and fair.

Upto half time, inspite of best efforts, no time could score. All the players were too eager to win. Only ten minutes before long whistle, there as an effort on the St. John’s goal. It was promptly saved by the goal keeper. However, the ball slipped from his hand and an opponent player scored the goal. So we won and St. John’s lost the match. We all were enjoyed on this win