Matches are an essential part of sports and games. Matches give rise to competitive spirit and sportsmanship. Moreover, sport matches are a kind of get-together where players, apart from playing and displaying their physical stamina, exchange ideas and information and have free and frank discussion among themselves.

Recently, I got an opportunity to witness a football match that was played between Khalsa Higher Secondary School, Qudian, and DAV Higher Secondary School, Delhi. The match was played on the playgrounds of SN College. The entire ground was swept and then decorated. Both the teams were in high spirits. They were dressed smartly and neatly. Both seemed to be equally strong. The spectators were expecting a well-contested game. The ground and its surroundings were jam-packed by the public. The match started at 5 PM sharp.

The DAV team won the toss and chose the favorable side. Soon, the referee blew the whistle and the match started. During the first few minutes, the DAV team dominated the game. They penetrated into the defences of their rival team but could not score any goal. Anyhow, their splendid performance puzzled the Khalsa Higher Secondary School team and the latter resorted to rough game, ie kicking ball at random. But the captain did not lose heart and encouraged his team. So, the team was re-invigorated. The Khalsa team soon recovered their lost position and in the heat of the moment they scored a goal. The team was lustly cheered by their supporters. But at the same time, the right half of the DAV team was badly injured and the captain had to bear the brunt throughout the entire game. Soon, the referee blew a long whistle and first half was declared to be over.

The players now were supposed to take rest and plan their moves. There was a loud noise in the playground as the supporters of both the teams rushed to their respective sides in order to cheer the team and encourage it.

Again, the referee whistled and the match restarted. Now, the DAV team girds up its loins and played with caution. The goalkeeper of DAV team also became alert. In the first few moments, the Khalsa team put pressure on the DAV team; their left half made three hits one after another in the goal of DAV but the goalkeeper of DAV team showed his extraordinary skill by kicking the ball back. Then, in the heat of the game, the DAV side took the ball to the rival side and within no time, their left half gave a pass to the right half and the right-half kicked the ball straight into the goal. Thus a goal was scored. Now, it was a drawn game, which delighted the DAV team also and served to boost its morale. There were loud cheers from their supporters.

Now, the game was passing through a critical stage. Each side was trying its best to score a goal but soon the time was over and the exciting finale was synchronised with the scoring of a goal by Khalsa team over DAV team. This was a surprising of goals by both the teams. It was really an exciting match and the spectators appeared to have enjoyed it very much.