A HOUSE ON FIRE: Essay writing


I had never seen a house on fire before. So one evening when I heard the roar of fire engines rushing past my house, I quickly ran out and, a few streets away, joined a large crowd of people. But the police did not allow anyone to go near the building on fire.

What a terrible scene I saw that day! Huge flames of fire were coming out of each floor ad black and thick smoke spread all around. Every now and the tongues of fire would shoot up almost sky-high, sending huge sparks of fire all around.

Three fire engines were engaged in putting out the fire pouring water over it. The rushing water from several hoses soaked the building, but it did not seem to have any effect on the flames. Then the tall red ladders of the fire engines were stretched upwards and I could see some firemen climbing up with hoses in their hands. On reaching almost the top of ladder, they began to pour floods of water on the topmost part of the building. This continuous flooding brought the fire under control but the building had by then completely destroyed.