I received a letter from my mother to visit home during the Deepawali festival. There was no pressure of studies so I decided to go home during the Deepawali holidays. Fortunately, Ramesh, who is my class fellow and also belongs to my city, agrees to travel with me. We decided to travel by train. Buses also ply for our tow but we preferred a train journey. We decided to start next day at 10 a.m.

Next day, we started to the railway station by a autorickshaw at 9 a.m. We reached the station at 9.20 a.m. we tried to wait at the waiting room but there was a great rush. So we decided to wait at the platform. We managed for two seats on bench and placed our luggage in front of us.

Peoples of different ages and appearances came to the platform to board the train for their journey. Men, women, and children were coming and waiting on the platform. Those who had heavy luggage had engaged coolies to carry their goods and also to help them boarding the train.

Meanwhile I went to the booking office and purchased two tickets for the journey. At 9.50 a.m. the signal was given for the train to enter the station. A bell also rang to inform the passengers that the train was coming. There was an all-round activity amongst the passengers on the platform. Passengers and coolies got ready to board the train.

As soon as the train came, the platform got busy. The vendors shouted for their goods. Passengers entered the compartments of their choice and made seats for themselves. Later, the green signal was flashed and the train started after a long whistle. We reached our home station at 2 p.m.