A MORNING WALK: Essay Writing


The proverb “Early to bed and early to rise” is well known and oft-repeated. It also reflects the wisdom and experience of life embodied in it. But only a few are there who are lucky to act according to this gem of saying. Unfortunately, I am a late riser because I go to sleep quite late. I have a habit of doing my lessons and homework when all is quiet, and almost all are in their beds. In the afternoon or evening I cannot pursue my studies, and so, practice my hobby or enjoy listening music.

Power-cuts, failure, breakdowns etc, are very common in Delhi. One day it was along power-breakdown, as a transformer had got burnt and destroyed. Our generator set was out of order. Therefore, that day I really went to bed with the lamb and woke up with the lark. It was an exceptional day for me.

That morning I accompanied my father for a morning walk. He goes regularly for his morning walk in the very early hours of the day. It is his habit. There is a very spacious District Park near our locality. It was early morning and yet there were many people in the park. But there were hardly any children. A pleasurable breeze was blowing. Some of the visitors were briskly walking. Some others were busy in taking exercise in groups or individually. Some others were strolling bare feet on the dew-laden green lawn. The birds were chirping and pecking for worms and seeds in the ground. The golden sun lent a bright radiance to the tree-tops. It was all pleasant and beautiful. It was really a wonderful experience for me.

In a corner of the park there was a large group of men and women doing yogic exercises. Their leader and teacher gave instructions, and the people followed him. There were a few familiar faces of my father as well. They exchanged good wishes and good mornings with my father. The fragrant and colourful flowers bedecked with morning dewdrops looked very fascinating in the soft morning sunlight.

After a round of the park, we sat on a bench for relaxation for a while. My father talked about many advantages of early rising and a morning walk. He said a morning walk was as good for our body as good food. It helped us, he said, to keep a sound body which is essential for a sound mind. Then we took another round before returning home. We felt quite refreshed, energetic but hungry after walk. It is not easy for me to leave the bed early in the morning. But that day I decided to get up early atleast on Sundays, to enjoy my morning walk with my father. Since that day I am a Sunday morning walker. There are exception but I try my best not to miss it on Sundays. And I have been quite successful. It has also helped me a lot to know about flowers and birds. My father is a keen bird-watcher. It is during our morning walks that he introduced me to golden oriole, magpie, bulbul and wagtails. Similarly my knowledge about many seasonal flowers was acquired during these walks. Now, I am quite familiar with hibiscus, crocus, tulips, forget me nots and many others.