Fourteenth of November is celebrated as children’s day. This year on this day, our teacher decide to take us on a picnic. We decide to go to the Red Hills Dam. It is situated about five kilometers from our town. We decide to go by a bus. We collected Rs. 50 each and bought some sweets and snacks. Radhika took her camera with her. We reached the Dam at 9 a.m. We kept the eatables in the rest house and went to the adjacent garden. The boys wanted to swim in the water but the teacher did not allow them. The water was flowing over the dam. It looked very beautiful. We enjoyed the lovely sight in the garden. We had light refreshment. Then we sang songs. Some girls told interesting lunch at the restaurant. She had also brought a home-made cake. We enjoyed the lunch. After lunch, we walked through the garden. There were beautiful flowers. We requested the gardener to a make a bouquet. He willingly made the bouquet. We presented it to the teacher. It was now time to return home. We thoroughly enjoyed the picnic.